Where to buy paris museum pass at CDG airport

Guide to Buying the Paris Museum Pass at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)

Paris, the City of Light, is home to some of the world’s most renowned museums and cultural institutions. For visitors keen on exploring the wealth of art and history that Paris offers, the Paris Museum Pass is an invaluable resource. This pass grants entry to over 50 museums and monuments in and around Paris, allowing for a seamless and enriching cultural experience. If you’re arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), the primary international gateway to Paris, here’s a comprehensive guide on where and how to purchase the Paris Museum Pass right at the airport.

What is the Paris Museum Pass?

The Paris Museum Pass provides skip-the-line access to a wide range of museums and monuments across Paris and its vicinity. Key benefits of the pass include:

  • Unlimited Access: Visit participating museums and monuments as many times as you like.
  • Skip-the-Line Entry: Avoid long queues at popular attractions.
  • Convenience: A single pass grants access to over 50 sites, simplifying your sightseeing plans.

Passes are available for different durations:

  • 2 Days: Ideal for a short visit with a packed itinerary.
  • 4 Days: Perfect for a more relaxed pace of exploration.
  • 6 Days: Best for extended stays, allowing ample time to visit multiple sites.

Where to Buy the Paris Museum Pass at CDG Airport

Charles de Gaulle Airport is equipped with various facilities and services to help travelers start their Paris adventure smoothly. Purchasing a Paris Museum Pass at the airport can save you time and allow you to begin your sightseeing immediately upon arrival. Here are the key locations where you can buy the pass at CDG:

  1. Tourist Information Desks
    • Locations: Tourist information desks are strategically located in all three terminals of CDG Airport:
      • Terminal 1: Arrivals Hall
      • Terminal 2A, 2C, 2E, 2F: Arrivals Halls
      • Terminal 3: Arrivals Hall
    • Operating Hours: Generally, these desks operate from early morning until late evening. However, hours may vary slightly depending on the terminal and the day of the week.
    • Services: Staffed by multilingual personnel, these desks offer comprehensive information about Paris, assistance with transportation, and the sale of various tourist passes, including the Paris Museum Pass.
  2. Relay Stores
    • Locations: Relay stores are conveniently located throughout CDG Airport, in both the arrival and departure areas. Some specific locations include:
      • Terminal 1: Public Area, Departure Level
      • Terminal 2A, 2C, 2E, 2F: Public Areas, Arrival and Departure Levels
      • Terminal 3: Public Area
    • Operating Hours: Relay stores typically operate from early morning until late night, making them a flexible option for travelers arriving at different times.
    • Services: Besides newspapers, books, and travel essentials, Relay stores also sell the Paris Museum Pass. The availability of the pass might vary, so it’s recommended to ask the staff directly.
  3. Paris Aéroport Official App and Website
    • Digital Purchase: While not a physical purchase point at the airport, you can use the Paris Aéroport official app or website to buy the Paris Museum Pass online before your arrival. This can be particularly convenient if you want to avoid any potential queues at the airport.
    • Collection Points: If you purchase the pass online, you can collect it at designated points at the airport, such as tourist information desks or specific kiosks indicated during the purchase process.

Tips for Buying the Paris Museum Pass at CDG Airport

  • Check Availability: While the Paris Museum Pass is generally available at the airport, it’s always a good idea to check the availability online or via customer service to avoid any disappointments.
  • Prepare Documents: Have your passport and flight details handy when purchasing the pass, as you might need to provide some information during the transaction.
  • Plan Ahead: If you have a tight schedule, consider purchasing the pass online and picking it up at the airport. This can save you valuable time upon arrival.
  • Currency: The pass can be purchased using major credit cards or cash. Ensure you have the appropriate currency or a credit card ready for a smooth transaction.
  • Language Assistance: Staff at tourist information desks are usually multilingual, so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance in your preferred language.

Benefits of Buying the Pass at the Airport

  1. Immediate Access: Start using the pass right away, without the need to search for purchase points in the city.
  2. Time-Saving: Skip the lines and save time by having your pass ready as soon as you arrive.
  3. Convenience: Simplify your travel plans by consolidating your purchases at the airport.


The Paris Museum Pass is a must-have for any visitor eager to explore the rich cultural tapestry of Paris. Purchasing the pass at Charles de Gaulle Airport ensures that you can start your journey without delay, making the most of your time in this magnificent city. Whether you buy it from a tourist information desk, a Relay store, or online, having the pass in hand as you step off the plane is a perfect way to kickstart your Parisian adventure. Enjoy the seamless access to world-class museums and monuments, and let the Paris Museum Pass be your gateway to an unforgettable experience in the heart of France.