Paris museum pass include eiffel tower

The Paris Museum Pass is a popular choice for visitors looking to explore the rich tapestry of cultural and historical sites that Paris has to offer. While this pass provides access to over 60 museums and monuments, one key attraction it does not include is the Eiffel Tower. However, understanding the scope of the pass, how to complement it with a visit to the Eiffel Tower, and planning your trip accordingly can enhance your Parisian experience immensely.

Overview of the Paris Museum Pass

The Paris Museum Pass grants entry to numerous iconic sites and museums across the city and its suburbs. This includes the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, the Palace of Versailles, the Sainte-Chapelle, and many other places steeped in art, history, and culture. Available in durations of 2, 4, or 6 days, the pass is designed to cater to different lengths of stay and interests, allowing visitors to explore at their own pace without the need to purchase individual tickets at each site. Additionally, the pass often allows for skip-the-line privileges, which can save valuable time especially at busier attractions.

Benefits of the Paris Museum Pass

1. Cost-Effective: The pass provides significant savings, particularly for those planning to visit multiple museums and monuments. By paying a single fee, you gain access to a vast array of attractions, which would cost considerably more if paid for separately.

2. Convenience: With the Paris Museum Pass, there is no need to endure long ticket lines at each venue. This is particularly advantageous during peak tourist seasons.

3. Flexibility: Choose a pass that fits your schedule with options for 2, 4, or 6 days. You can visit as many included museums and monuments as you like during the pass’s validity period.

The Eiffel Tower: Planning Your Visit

While the Eiffel Tower is not included in the Paris Museum Pass, it remains a must-visit landmark for most travelers to Paris. Here’s how you can effectively include it in your itinerary:

1. Purchase Tickets in Advance: To avoid long lines, it is advisable to buy your Eiffel Tower tickets online and well in advance. This also allows you to select a specific date and time slot for your visit.

2. Choose Your Experience: The Eiffel Tower offers different types of tickets – from a visit to the second floor via lift, to summit access which includes the very top of the tower. Prices vary depending on the option you choose.

3. Timing Your Visit: Consider visiting early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the crowds. Nighttime visits are particularly magical, as you can experience the iconic illuminations of the tower.

Complementing the Paris Museum Pass with a Trip to the Eiffel Tower

To make the most out of your Paris Museum Pass while also visiting the Eiffel Tower, consider the following itinerary tips:

1. Start Early: Use the morning hours to explore museums close to your accommodation or the Eiffel Tower, such as the Musée d’Orsay or the Rodin Museum.

2. Schedule Wisely: Plan your Eiffel Tower visit during a time when nearby museums covered by the pass are closed (e.g., early evening or on a day when many museums are closed, such as Tuesday).

3. Nearby Attractions: Combine your visit to the Eiffel Tower with nearby attractions not covered by the pass, such as a Seine river cruise, which often has views of the tower.


While the Paris Museum Pass does not include the Eiffel Tower, it still offers tremendous value and convenience for exploring Paris’s rich array of other cultural and historical sites. By planning effectively and purchasing your Eiffel Tower tickets in advance, you can create a seamless and enriching travel experience that combines the best of what Paris has to offer. This combination will not only enhance your understanding and enjoyment of Paris’s iconic landmarks but also provide an efficient way to experience the city’s art and history.